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Construction, development, engineering and design


   In 1994, a joint Ukrainian-German enterprise "Termik" was created with the participation of well-known German construction companies: "Termonta" (Hamburg) and "Wagner-System" (Hannover), which was one of the first in Ukraine to start dealing with energy-saving programs in construction.    

   The range of services we offer in the field of construction and design includes: Telesens 10

  • construction and installation works, incl. interior decoration and design;
  • repair, reconstruction and restoration of building facades using modern energy-saving technologies (suspended ventilated facades made of ceramics, granite, marble, cassettes made of aluminum composite material "alucobond", painted metal sheet or profiled painted sheet, etc.) ;
  • installation of attic floors;
  • architectural and construction design of buildings, structures, interiors and their implementation,
  • execution of design and engineering work;
  • thermal modernization of residential, administrative and public buildings,
  • production and installation of aluminum translucent structures: windows, doors and stained-glass windows from an aluminum profile;
  • production of high quality aluminum and metal cassettes;
  • production of sub-cladding structures made of aluminum, black, galvanized and stainless alloys;
  • delivery, installation supervision of certified sub-cladding structures of our own production in a set for installation of facades ;
  • equipment for construction work of scaffolding and lifting mechanisms;
  • supply of building structures and materials in a set for the installation of hinged ventilated facades;
  • preparation and implementation of investment projects.

   Over a thirty-year period, more than 1.0 million square meters have been completed. m. at more than 150 sites. Many of the company's properties have been awarded architecture prizes for the best building. The objects of our company have repeatedly won first and second places in competitions held by the State Committee for Construction, Architecture and Housing Policy of Ukraine.

   For the construction, reconstruction and repair of housing and civil objects LLC "Group TERMIK"   uses the IAF system developed by the German company "Wagner-System".

The system of insulation, protection, thermal modernization of facades and energy saving, used LLC " TERMIK Group "   is one of the best in Europe, and its relatively low cost and high the economic effect of the implementation contributes to its spread throughout the world.

   The company employs highly qualified architects, engineers, designers, economists, managers and workers. Most of the employees underwent training in Germany, Holland and Belgium. Chief Architect LLC "TERMIK Group"   is the Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture and Honored Architect of Ukraine. The head of the company is a corresponding member of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine.


Development activity

    LLC "TERMIK Group" works closely with the Association of Inbound and Outbound Tourism, participates in the development of a network of lingua tourism centers and the construction of lingua hotels. Our development and engineering company is engaged in the development and implementation of projects for hotels, business centers, office and residential buildings, individual design.

      The services we offer include:

  • Development and implementation of investment projects;
  • Launch of turnkey hotel complexes;
  • All types of design work: draft design, pre-design documentation, visualization and design, project documentation, working documentation, field supervision and installation supervision at construction;
  • Use of modern energy-saving technologies (facades and design) in work. & nbsp;


    In 2016, our company carried out work on the development of investment projects for construction:

- lines of lingua hotels of 3 * category for 48 rooms, 4 * category for 96 rooms and 4 * category for 122 rooms.

    Under the specified projects & nbsp; business concepts for construction were developed, pre-design documentation was completed, sketch plans, drawings, sweeps, explications were made.

    Earlier, projects of hotel complexes were developed and implemented in Kharkov, Donetsk, Putivl,

    A distinctive feature of our company in the approach to the development and implementation of investment projects for the construction of hotel complexes is the use of international best practices in the construction of facilities of this kind. Our company cooperates with such global brands as Sheraton, Hilton, Radisson.

    The company employs highly qualified architects, engineers, designers, economists and managers. Most of the company's employees underwent training in Germany, Holland and Belgium.